Save Lives with Equality & Humane Systems for Distress – Proposal 

Many of us have wanted to save and improve people’s lives. We can save lives if we provide more humane solutions to distress and adverse situations.

  1. Save Lives by Creating Solutions

Every year, we see awareness of prevention of suicide that promotes hotlines, but what people don’t know is that when a person responds to this and thinks they are ‘getting help’ – they’re actually coerced, alienated, and abused on the backend, which the public does not see.
As a result, the self-death or suicide rate increases and it does not reduce in countries which do coercion and alienation when people experience distress. 
We’re organizations and victims who know that the systems created are hurting people, and often, for their entire life from what they experienced in these systems.

  1. Non-Coercive, Non-Alienating, Humane, and Integrating Solutions

As we quickly progress into a civilized global society; we can look back at things such as slavery, or burning witches, and see how they were wrong..
Psychiatry and mental health, as how it’s being practiced today, is very inhumane. 

The Everyday Psych Victims Project cataloged consumer experiences in the mental Health industry. It was clear based on deteriorating health, and increased suicide rates of patients, that mental health services are doing the opposite of what they’re intended to do.
There are many severe problems being ignored, instead of pointing them out and placing blame, we decided to “Be The Change” in the industry.

Here are some examples of Working Solutions being done in Italy with results.

  1. Examples of Working Solutions 

 50% less suicide/self-death in Northern Italy because of less coercion and more humane reactions. No locked doors, coercion, locked windows, and more like an open hotel than a closed/separate facility.  

With the self-death rate of 8.0 in Italy and the rate being 14.2 as of 2018 in the USA, which had a 40% increase since 1998, we would save nearly 24,000 people’s lives a year if we implement more humane practices. 
The USA alone would see a 44% decrease in self death if matching Italy’s rates which would save nearly 24,000 people’s lives a year since the current rate is 48,344 per year. 

This is without the full integration of our suggestions for equality and humane systems.

These are intolerable human tragedies.

We point out these atrocities from these inhumane systems:
«Protection of rights and freedoms, human dignity»

The psychiatric position declares the feelings, beliefs, and will of a person as a manifestation of the disease. Thus, canceling the intrinsic value of human individuality, allowing violence.

This coercion is a clear example of the destruction of fundamental human rights.

«The principle of equality of citizens before the law.»

Coercion clearly destroys the principle of equality before the law.  Since he with one side takes out of protection by law one group of citizens defined on the basis of mental health (or rather, by the imposed psychiatric label).

«The guilt principle.

It turns out that a person is condemned not for guilt, but for being sick. Coercive psychiatric measures obviously allow for the reprisal of a person, without established guilt.

«The principle of justice.

Coercive measures are contrary to the principle of fairness of as they allow disregarding the circumstances of the incident, the personality of the accused

Psychiatric and mental health “treatment” can cause severe health damage. It can destroy the body, human abilities. It can destroy individuality, actually the person himself

 «Driving a person to suicide

Driving a person to suicide or attempted suicide by threats, cruel treatment or systematic humiliation of the victim’s human dignity»

 Mocking, sadistic actions of persons carrying out psychiatric coercion cause serious damage, pushing a person beyond the possibility of living

Our Request:

Probably in the world there are no more disadvantaged, humiliated and disenfranchised than those who unfortunately happened to be endowed with a psychiatric or mental health label.

We request that you would defend our rights and seek the exclusion of psychiatric and mental health coercion from measures acceptable in the human community at the partnership, coalition, legislative, and stakeholder levels. 

We ask for partnerships and openness to our suggestions to save lives by reducing inequalities and increasing the possibilities of better systems.